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A la carte


Onion on tree ways, local cheese and sage (L,G,V)

11 €

Smoked Baltic herring, crisp bread of the house and black radish (L)

14 €

Roast celerysoup with rye bread and horseradish (L,V)

10 €

Main dishes

Plaice, confited potatoes, dashi and vild rice (L,G)

28 €

Baked Swedish turnip with ginger and honey (L,G,V,M)

18 €

Pork belly, roots and applegravy sauce (L,G)

22 €

Domestic beef, roots baised with beer, pepper sauce and bone marrow butter (L,G)

32 €


Blood orange sherbet and sesame cookie (L)

11 €

Owen baked apple with yuzu gel and sable cookie (L,V)

11 €

Chocolate, arctic cloudberry and caramel (L)

11 €

Home made vanilla ice cream (L,G), chocolate ice cream (L,G) or blackberry sherbet (G,VEG) serverd with fudge sauce (L,G), chocolate sauce (L,G) or berry sauce (G,VEG)

6,50 €

Leef steak (L,G)

10 €

Frankfurthers (L)

7,50 €

Meat balls (L,G)

7,50 €

serverd with boiled potatoes or french fries and salad