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A la carte


Smoked whitefish mousse, sour cream, peeled tomato, chiligel and norikrisp (japanese alga) (L)

15 €

Lamb pastrami sooted with spices, fermented pearl onion, pear chutney flavored with ginger, fennel crispbread (L)

16,50 €

Baked pumpkin balls, fermented raw vegetable salad, pumpkin crème and seeds (VEG)

15 €

Warm Dishes

Fried perch with gnocchi, seafood sauce and autum vegetables (L)

33 €

Sea bird, cabbage bundle filled with mushrooms, potato-herb terrine (L)

32 €

Ratatouille, tomato sauce flavored with saffron, carrot chips (VEG)

28 €


Lingonberry and liquorice: lingonberry pannacotta, liquorice gel, lemon fudge and crushed liquorice (L)

14 €

Apple symphony: apple parfait, caramel apple, tuille, fruit strap and caramel powder (VEG)

14 €

Ice cream sandwich: Brownie, browned butter cake, pistachio icecream, chocolate and nut chrunch (L)

14 €

Home made vanilla ice cream (L), chocolate ice cream (L) or raspberry-blueberry sherbet (VEG) serverd with fudge sauce (L) or chocolate sauce (L)

8,50 €

Leef steak (L)

10 €

Frankfurthers (L)

8,00 €

Meat balls (L)

8,00 €

serverd with boiled potatoes or french fries and salad

Caesar salad with chicken and bacon (L)

18,50 €

Caesar salad naturel (L)

17 €

Toast Skagen with whitefish roe (L)

16 €/21,50 €

Scampi in garlic oil with white bread (L)

23 €

Fish- and seafood soup with aioli and bread (L)

13 €/24,50 €

Moules frites -mussles, french fries and aioli (L)

24 €

Pasta with crayfish (L)

23 €

Creamy pasta with spinach and parmesan (L)

18,50 €

Pasta Carbonara (L)

18,50 €

Hamburger made of home made brioche bread, smoked cheese, bacon, cucumber mayonnaise and french fries (L)

24,50 €

Grilled char with sparkling wine sauce, dill potatoes and vegetables (L)

33 €

Leaf stek, garlic butter and french fries (L)

32 €

Peppersteak of the house with herbroasted potatoes (L)

38,50 €