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A la carte


Buckwheat, whitefish and black garlic

18 €

Crispy lamb with truffle mayonnaise and grated pecorino (L)

18 €

Roasted onion soup with pickled apple, pea mousse and bread crisp (VEG)

16 €

Fish- and seafood soup with aioli and bread (L)

16 € / 28 €

Main dishes

Pan fried char with fried Sandefjord sauce, chanterelles and duchesse potatoes (L)

36 €

Fillet of game, deep fried Brussels sprouts, pumpkinpuré and potato croquettes (L)

43 €

Pumpkin gnocchi with pointed cabbage stew and roasted seeds (VEG)

28 €

Peppersteak of the house, wedged potatoes and pepper sauce (L)

38,50 €

Open burger with home made brioche, aioli, smoked cheese, devil chutney and wedged potatoes (L)

25,50 €

Halloumi burger with home made brioche, aioli, devil chutney and wedged poatoes (L)

25,50 €

Caesar salad naturel (L,V)

18 €

Caesar salad with chicken and bacon (L)

22 €

Goat cheese pasta with walnuts (L)

24,50 €

Pasta Carbonara (L)


Toast Skagen with whitefish roe on malt bread (L)

18,50 €


Chocolate tartelette with cherry compote, chocolate iceceram and almond (VEG)

16 €

Fried farmer cheese, warm fudge sauce and cloudberry jam (L)

15 €

Popcorn mousse with candied popcorns and passion fruit curd (L)

16 €

Home made vanilla ice cream (L), chocolate ice cream (L) or cherry sherbet (VEG) serverd with fudge sauce (L) or chocolate sauce (L)

12 €

Frankfurthers with french fries (L)

9,50 €

Home made chicken nuggets with french fries (L)

12 €

Leafsteak with french fries (L)

12 €