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A la carte and bistro menu

A la carte is served on monday-friday from 14.00 and on saturday and sunday from 15.00.

You can order from the bistromenu also at lunchtime.

A la carte appetizers

Pike-perch terrine with fennelcrème, pickled apple and misochips (L)

14,50 €

Deer tartar, chanterelles, potato chips, whitefish roe and leek foam (L)

16,50 €

Jerusalem artichoke soup, quinoa chip and herb oil (VEG)

13,50 €

A la carte main dishes

Pike-perch fried with spices, browned soya butter and potato-celeriac puré (L)

36 €

Local lamb racks spiced with herbs, oats, roots with butter and thyme sauce (L)

38 €

Cauliflower x 3 with walnut oil and deep fried lentils (VEG)

25 €


Yoghurt pannacotta, sea buckthornberry curd, ginger marmalade and liquorice meringue (L)

14,50 €

Chocolate mousse with baked banana ice cream (L)

14,50 €

Preserved pears with cardamon crème, crushed shortcrust pastry and pear gel (VEG)

14,50 €

Home made vanilla ice cream (L), chocolate ice cream (L) or cherry sherbet (VEG) serverd with fudge sauce (L) or chocolate sauce (L)

8,50 €

Leef steak (L)

10 €

Frankfurthers (L)

8,00 €

Meat balls (L)

8,00 €

serverd with boiled potatoes or french fries and salad

Caesar salad with chicken and bacon (L)

18,50 €

Caesar salad naturel (L)

17 €

Toast Skagen on white bread or malt bread (L)

16 €/21,50 €

Fish- and seafood soup with aioli and bread (L)

13 €/24,50 €

Tapas plate with olives, cheese, parma ham, metwurst, bruchetta (L)

23 €

Pasta with scampi and tomato sauce (L)

23 €

Pasta with mushroom sauce spiced with baked garlic and stonepine nuts (L,V)

18,50 €

Hamburger made of home made brioche bread, cheddar cheese, pepper mayonnaise, onion rings and french fries (L)

24,50 €

Vegetarian burger with halloumi cheese (L,V)

24,50 €

Pan fried char with smoked roebutter, boiled potatoes and vegetables (L)

34 €

Goast cheese bonbons with beetroot hummus, beetroot chips and honey vinegrette (L,V)

18,50 €

Pulled brisket sandwich with chiabatta bread, peppermayonnese, baked tomato and salad (L)

18 €

Grilled sirloin steak with redwine sauce, whipped bearnaisebutter and parsnip puré (L)

32,50 €

Peppersteak of the house with roasted roots, wedged potatoes and pepper sauce (L)

38,50 €